Franken-shite: The Horror of Cussing

A relevant piece from my personal blog discussing the use of swearing in horror films. Written earlier this year as part of my English Language A Level coursework.

Tyler Turner

Horror is a genre that has been chilling audiences to the bone since the dawning of time itself. Sadly, in more recent years, it appears as though the most sinister aspect of macabre movies is the garish vocabulary they splutter. Horror seems to have lost some of its respectability over time; the Oscars have hardly poked the genre with a stick since the likes of Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby (1968). Could this neglect be a result of the increasing use of curses and profanities in modern horror?

There are some movie-goers who see the English Language as a beautiful gothic mansion that is crumbling in the claws of modern lingo. They’d see it like trading in a luxury visit to Dracula’s castle for a sleazy stop-off at Bates Motel. Surely though, this must imply that there was once a peak of perfection in the history of the language, yet there is…

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