Creepy Kids – Get Involved!

It is very exciting to see so many young people interested in contributing to The Mausoleum Scriptures. My blogĀ focuses on the weird and creepy, but there isn’t an age limit on who can get involved. The darkly inclined should be embraced no matter how old they are.

Growing up, I never had a platform like this from which I could express my passion for writing. Schools tend to nurture academic talents and cast the creative aside. I decided to start the Creepy Kids segment because I want to provide creative youngsters with that platform, and give them a reason to read, share, write and create in a stress-free, pressure-free environment.

What you can do:

  • Spooky Short Stories

As long as it is short and spooky, the topic of your story could be whatever you like. It can also be as true as you like; if you’ve had any creepy encounters then let us know about them by transforming them into terrifying tales! Try and keep stories below 1,000 words if you can, but don’t worry if you go a little over.

  • Petrifying Poems

If poetry is more your thing then show us what you’ve got. All forms are fine; haikus, limericks, ballads, acrostics etc. just please, no sonnets about sparkly vampires.

  • Awesome Articles

If you’ve read a book or watched a film that has sent shivers down your spine then let us hear about it! Write a review and rate it out of five. If you visit somewhere creepy, or have a spooky encounter of your own, let us know about them too! There are no limits to what you can write about in an article (as long as it’s still horror related of course).

  • Atmospheric Art

The Mausoleum Scriptures is primarily a literature blog, but we appreciate that words and imagery come hand in hand. Paintings, drawings, photography and any other creative forms of art you can think of will be accepted as long as their content is appropriate.

You will be credited for all work that you send in. Please make sure you ask for permission before doing so.

All contributions can be sent to me via I can also be reached through my personal Facebook (Tyler Turner) and The Mausoleum Scriptures Twitter page (@MausoleumScript).

(Local contributors only): Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a computer, you can either give them to me personally (if you are likely to see me) or hand them to Alex Turner or Ben Turner at school.



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