Creepy Kids – Bob’s Adventure

An original piece written by our nine year old contributor Ben Turner. Written as part of a school project last year, Bob’s Adventure tells the spine-tingling tale of a time-traveller named Bob. 

When Bob stepped out of the time machine, he was amazed.

Slowly, he walked down the stony path that lead to Rome. Although he was tiptoeing on the cobblestone path, he noticed his steps were loud like the screams of children in his ear.

He could smell a salty fresh chicken in a shop nearby. He saw an oinky fat pig running from its owner. There was also a person shouting ‘Fruit! Want some fruit? It’s only half price!’

Then Bob saw two ladies dressed in a mixture of dark and light colours which he had never seen before. Also, he saw a Roman soldier dressed in armour so shiny that you could see your face in it.

The Roman houses were really dirty and their windows looked like a church’s.

Bob bought some fruit from the shouting man and then strolled into the middle of the street to look around.

Suddenly, some people who looked a lot like thieves grabbed Bob.

They took him to a freezing, quiet place. It was horrible and smelt like rotten meat.

Bob looked around and suddenly realised that that’s exactly what it was… dead pigs were hung all around the room on washing lines.

The men left Bob locked up in grimy chains that were very strong. He started shouting ‘Help! Help!’ but no one could hear him…

After a while, it grew very dark. Bob guessed it must have been close to midnight. He started to shake because it was so cold. He tried to sleep.

By the time the sun had risen, Bod was sweating because it had turned so hot. It was a new shiny day.

Later, a random person walked past the place where Bob was chained up and stopped. He had muscles that looked stronger than a boxer’s. He then started to walk slowly towards Bob.

Suddenly, the men who had chained Bob up returned and pushed the muscly man from behind. Luckily, he was so strong that he didn’t fall. Instead, he curled his hands into fists and BOOM they were punched to the floor.

The mystery man turned to face Bob. He walked slowly towards him and then yanked his chains off effortlessly.

“My name is Lewis,” the man said. “What’s yours?”

Bob slowly walked up to Lewis and whispered, “My name is Bob.”

“What a nice name.”

Bob walked backwards and said, “Thank you.”

After saying his goodbyes, Bob ran off and found his time machine. Before long he was back in his own time, in his posh house, waiting to see what his next adventure would bring him.



Awake Alone at Night – Tyler Turner

I wake with a start in the dead of night.

With my throat clawed raw and jaw locked in fright,

I fumble through the dark and reach for the light.

A foreign hand greets mine, though no one is in sight.


Rolling up my sleeve in search of the time,

I halt with a jolt as the grandfather clock emits a chime.

Then descending the stairs, a chill dances on my spine.

I pretend that the creaking follo behind is all in my mind.


Taps running; I douse my face with a cool shock of water.

My stomach knots like a cow’s prepared for slaughter.

Though my vision is blurred, in the mirror I caught her

Behind me, a blood-drained face all twisted and tortured.

Creepy Kids – Luddite Story

Original piece written by our eleven year old contributor Alex Turner. A grim, historically inspired tale about a young boy who joins the Luddites.

The night was dark and gloomy, as if it was already midnight. The time was six-thirty and Alex, a teenage boy, was sat miserably in his grandma’s cottage, designing and making stockings. He had thick, luscious brown hair, and he always wore a bowler hat. He wore a faded red top and some scruffy torn jeans. He had some cheap, patched shoes and always had filthy feet.

He enjoyed working with his grandma, but she was rather ill; very ill. She wore lemon yellow knee socks followed by plum purple slippers, and had a thread-bare nightgown. Her head was covered with curly grey locks. She was quite a loving, caring person, and always had a smile on her face. She always listened to Alex, regardless of how silly he was.

“Are you OK, grandma?” Questioned Alex.

“I’m OK.” Answered grandma. “How many stockings have you made so far?”

“Sixteen and we’re almost out of cotton.” Explained Alex.

“Good lad.” Grandma said with a cheerful smile.


The next day, Alex came home with some wool for the stockings.

“Grandma, I’m home!” Shouted Alex with a grin.

There was no reply.

Alex went around the corner and found his grandma lying there. Motionless…

“Grandma!” Alex cried, dropping the basket of wool.

Alex was furious with himself. He knew he should have stayed at home and taken care of her. She had always said the pressure would kill her.


With nothing left to lose, Alex decided to join the Luddites. What other choice did he have? His parents and grandparents were dead, and now all the businesses were closing because of the increasing number of factories being built. There was no way Alex would become a factory owner; ever!

“Your first task,” a guy named Ned Ludd had said, “is to break all of the awful Mr. Hartnell’s factory machinery.”

As Alex went off with his axes, guns and other deadly weapons, he wondered if what he was about to do was good or not.

After a while of breaking machinery, Alex’s good friend Sam made an awfully loud shriek. “Run! They’re coming!”

Alex managed to escape just in time, but unfortunately his friend was captured… He was taken to a cell ready to be executed the next day.

“What shall I do now?” Alex thought to himself. He was both frustrated and sad. He didn’t have anyone. No one to comfort him when he was sad, no one to be there for him any more. What was he going to do?


As time went by, Alex became very lonely. He had no one to support him or take care of his needs. He felt really angry, so angry that it made him depressed.

Unfortunately, Alex later killed himself…

He had thought that life was no good for him without his friend, his grandma, or his parents. But what he didn’t know was that his parents had never actually died and he had been lied to all along…

Alex was buried next to his grandma, but unfortunately he would never know that. Just as he would never know of the day when his parents visited him for the first time, or how they stood silently watching over his grave.

By Alex Turner

Below: The original handwritten piece ready to be presented to the school.


Premature Decay

Fog distils itself over a death-laden field

Ethereal entities ascend in their armies.

A militia of lost hearts shroud the country-scape

Their fractured features frozen yet oddly unscathed.

Creeping, clawing, crying in their masses

Souls strewn out, neglected by the classes.

A haunted haven welcomes them home

While here they’re left to decay, to erode.

By Tyler Turner