Awake Alone at Night – Tyler Turner

I wake with a start in the dead of night.

With my throat clawed raw and jaw locked in fright,

I fumble through the dark and reach for the light.

A foreign hand greets mine, though no one is in sight.


Rolling up my sleeve in search of the time,

I halt with a jolt as the grandfather clock emits a chime.

Then descending the stairs, a chill dances on my spine.

I pretend that the creaking follo behind is all in my mind.


Taps running; I douse my face with a cool shock of water.

My stomach knots like a cow’s prepared for slaughter.

Though my vision is blurred, in the mirror I caught her

Behind me, a blood-drained face all twisted and tortured.


One thought on “Awake Alone at Night – Tyler Turner

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