Creepy Kids – Bob’s Adventure

An original piece written by our nine year old contributor Ben Turner. Written as part of a school project last year, Bob’s Adventure tells the spine-tingling tale of a time-traveller named Bob. 

When Bob stepped out of the time machine, he was amazed.

Slowly, he walked down the stony path that lead to Rome. Although he was tiptoeing on the cobblestone path, he noticed his steps were loud like the screams of children in his ear.

He could smell a salty fresh chicken in a shop nearby. He saw an oinky fat pig running from its owner. There was also a person shouting ‘Fruit! Want some fruit? It’s only half price!’

Then Bob saw two ladies dressed in a mixture of dark and light colours which he had never seen before. Also, he saw a Roman soldier dressed in armour so shiny that you could see your face in it.

The Roman houses were really dirty and their windows looked like a church’s.

Bob bought some fruit from the shouting man and then strolled into the middle of the street to look around.

Suddenly, some people who looked a lot like thieves grabbed Bob.

They took him to a freezing, quiet place. It was horrible and smelt like rotten meat.

Bob looked around and suddenly realised that that’s exactly what it was… dead pigs were hung all around the room on washing lines.

The men left Bob locked up in grimy chains that were very strong. He started shouting ‘Help! Help!’ but no one could hear him…

After a while, it grew very dark. Bob guessed it must have been close to midnight. He started to shake because it was so cold. He tried to sleep.

By the time the sun had risen, Bod was sweating because it had turned so hot. It was a new shiny day.

Later, a random person walked past the place where Bob was chained up and stopped. He had muscles that looked stronger than a boxer’s. He then started to walk slowly towards Bob.

Suddenly, the men who had chained Bob up returned and pushed the muscly man from behind. Luckily, he was so strong that he didn’t fall. Instead, he curled his hands into fists and BOOM they were punched to the floor.

The mystery man turned to face Bob. He walked slowly towards him and then yanked his chains off effortlessly.

“My name is Lewis,” the man said. “What’s yours?”

Bob slowly walked up to Lewis and whispered, “My name is Bob.”

“What a nice name.”

Bob walked backwards and said, “Thank you.”

After saying his goodbyes, Bob ran off and found his time machine. Before long he was back in his own time, in his posh house, waiting to see what his next adventure would bring him.



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