Creepy Kids – Good Friday Adventure

Good Friday Adventure is a real account written by Ben Turner about his family adventure to find the secret tunnels of the Duke of Welbeck. Edited by Tyler Turner

It was late in the afternoon on Good Friday when mum suggested going on a lovely walk. We went outside and we decided to go and look for the Duke of Welbeck’s secret tunnels. According to local legend, the Duke had a weird face and wanted to hide it from the world. He built tunnels to travel in without the people above seeing his ugly face.

We took a wrong turn which led us to a series of castle-like houses, but it was a brilliant view. In one of the gardens there was a lady cutting the grass. It smelt really fresh and made me feel energetic.

After a while, we found the right path that led us to a really massive posh building that looked like a king might have lived there.

In a nearby field, there was a man doing very hard archery and I didn’t feel safe. I hoped he wouldn’t miss the target and hit me.

We passed the field and went across a bridge that was surrounded by a lake filled with ducklings.

Finally, we found the field that was above the tunnels. It wasn’t what I expected it to be, as we couldn’t actually see the tunnels, they were underneath us!

Once we had made it to the other side of the field, we came to a long road which we then walked down. We soon had to make the decision whether to go further down the road, or to cross through the field. We chose to go across the field – bad choice.

We ended up losing the posts that guided us back to the road. In the distance we heard gun shots, I started to feel terrified. We also saw two rabbit traps that made me feel sorry for them because I thought it was cruel.

Finally after roaming in the fields for hours, we came out at the busy road that led us home. My sister had chosen to wear the wrong shoes and ended up with colossal blisters that were very raw and bled into her socks, so we had to call our mama to come rescue us!



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