Artwork Needed!

I always value the help of an artist since, unfortunately for me, my creative talents end with my writing. So, if you ever you get a spare minute and you find yourself feeling particularly artsy, you could perhaps contribute to The Mausoleum Scriptures in one of the following ways:

  • Design our logo

It definitely feels a little bit bare without a logo to tie the site together. We’re looking for something that people will see and will immediately be able associate it with The Mausoleum Scriptures. If you are interested, have a scroll through our posts and get a feel for the kind of atmosphere  we try to conjure with our work. If multiple suggestions are put forward, the most suitable logo will be selected and the rest will be featured in a separate post, so no work will be wasted.

  • Add to already published pieces

Quite frankly, the works that have gone without featured images look a lot less appealing than those that do have them. I would hate for any work to be overlooked because of this. I’m looking for people who can resurrect these artless pieces by adding a splash of visual creativity. All interpretations are welcome – have a read through the pieces and see what images they provoke for you:

  1. Poetry by Tyler Turner
  2. Creepy Kids – Good Friday Adventure 
  3. Untitled Poem by Tyler Turner
  4. Awake Alone at Night 
  5. Midweek Downpour 
  6. Premature Decay 
  7. Pray-Ground
  8. Patchwork Romance 
  9. The Curiosity Cabinet 
  • Promotional atrwork

Recently, I have been working on some short TMS-style stories that I hope to sell on. I would be extremely grateful if people were to give me a hand promoting these pieces when the relevant time comes along. This will involve designing posters and producing artwork inspired by the stories.

Also, I am going to be looking for a potential cover designer, but please only step forward for this if you are serious about your art and can commit to the project.

More information regarding this project will come in the near future, but for now I would just like to know who would be interested in helping out.

Of course, as always, all work you put forward will be credited to you and any links to personal blogs will be added if you wish them to be. If you are interested in getting involved, either email me at or contact me through Facebook.




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