The Mausoleum Scriptures’ 30 Day Writing Challenge

I’ve wanted to take part in a 30 day writing challenge for a while now but struggled to find one that really inspired me, so I’ve decided to create my own specially for The Mausoleum Scriptures. As of this evening, I will be posting daily, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Feel free to take part – if you want to get involved but can’t commit to the full 30 days, then choose the challenges that you like the sound of and just do them. I will be more than happy to post any contributions, or links to other blogs/publications if you decide to upload them elsewhere.


– Tyler

  1. Choose a song at random and write a short horror story inspired by it.
  2. Genre bending #1 – choose a well-known story and make it creepy.
  3. Genre bending #2 – choose a well-known horror story and give it a new genre.
  4. Choose a friend or family member and create a dark, disturbing backstory for them.
  5. Take a handful of your favourite horror villains and put them in a room together.
  6. Write a story or poem based on a nightmare you’ve had.
  7. Create your zombie apocalypse team. The members can be real or fictional, but you must provide detailed profiles for them.
  8. Take your top five fictional characters (of any genre) and put them in a slasher scenario where only one can make it out alive.
  9. Compose a spooky sonnet.
  10. Watch a horror film and write a review for it.
  11. Take your ultimate celebrity crush and describe them in a very off-putting way.
  12. Go for a walk, take a notepad and pen with you and sketch your journey. (As in live describe it, don’t literally draw it!)
  13. Open a book at random and start a horror story/play/poem with the last line.
  14. Write a short Gothic play set in the past.
  15. Write from the perspective of an antagonist.
  16. Tell us a spooky anecdote. If you’ve never had such an encounter, exaggerate one or make one up.
  17. Automatic writing – spit out the darkest things that come to mind without thinking about it, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense!
  18. Write an opinion column on something you truly despise, don’t be afraid to unleash the venom.
  19. Analyse a Gothic/horror poem and write an essay on it.
  20. Create your dream horror movie soundtrack (list ten songs).
  21. Make a detailed plan for that horror movie using the songs you have chosen for inspiration.
  22. History lesson – choose a spooky topic or look up a creepy event and write a non-fiction piece on it.
  23. You have been infected with a virus and you lock yourself away so that you can’t harm those you love. Write them an honest letter and describe the changes happening to you.
  24. Your home town as been hit by a disaster. Write a diary entry/entries detailing the events as they unfold.
  25. Describe your average day from the view-point of a serial killer who’s looking to strike again.
  26. Write a eulogy for the first person to die in a dumb way in a horror film you’ve seen.
  27. You are your country’s leader and you are going to war with an extra-terrestrial race. Write an empowering speech to unite your people.
  28. Find a partner (or partners) and keeping taking turns to write a sentence until you have a full horror story.
  29. A cheese grater, a sock and a toothbrush – incorporate all these things in your story/play/poem.
  30. Choose your favourite piece from the last 29 days and develop it further. Really run with it if you think it has potential.

5 thoughts on “The Mausoleum Scriptures’ 30 Day Writing Challenge

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