TMS 30 Day Writing Challenge #4

Choose a friend or family member and create a dark, disturbing backstory for them.

Alex Turner – Sister

NOTE: Not the best thing I’ve ever produced but it’s all good practice. Everything except the first two sentences of the opening paragraph is entirely fictional. Alex is 100% human… I think…



Alex Turner is a bright and mature schoolgirl whose intelligence goes above and beyond that of the average eleven-year-old. She is a fiercely devoted friend and family member who puts the safety of those she loves before all else. She is very cautious of those outside of her close circle, and has good reason to be, for Alex has seen what lurks in the dark corners of a person’s soul…

Alex’s life is relatively normal, but that hasn’t always been the case. Before she settled in the sleepy English ex-mining village that came to be her home, Alex had spent most of her days slaying demons.



Half demon herself, Alex never had any trouble sniffing out her prey. Her mother and mentor – a paranormal investigator – took her along on every case, using her to detect dark entities and exorcise them from the places they infested.

When she was just eight, Alex’s mother was killed, not slaying demons but, rather ironically, in a hit and run accident. The death of her mother unlocked within her a deep repressed repulsion towards humanity. She realised that the worst kinds of demons were the metaphorical ones that possessed the hearts of humans such as the one who had stolen her mother’s life.

For the next year of her life, Alex was shipped from care home to care home. No one would keep her long, since at every place she stayed, an inhabitant of the home would die horrifically within the first twenty-four hours of her arrival. In the first home she was sent to, Alex had witnessed a child physically beating one of the smaller children when the carers were occupied elsewhere. The next day, the older child was found hanging from an outdoor swing set with a noose fashioned from his own intestines.

Alex’s distaste for humanity began to soften when she was taken in by her current carers. They taught her that although everyone has the power to project the darkness within them, the light inside some people is bright enough to extinguish the desire to do so.

Alex settled into her new home, new school and new life shortly after her eleventh birthday. Although her slaying days are now behind her, she still discreetly searches the eyes of those she passes in the corridor, looking for the shadows cast by the light.


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