TMS 30 Day Writing Challenge #7

Write a story or poem based on a nightmare you’ve had. 

Note: It’s safe to say I’ve failed this challenged due to my inactivity over the last month, but in my defence, my summer was a lot more hectic than I had anticipated. I will continue the challenge regardless and aim to be more punctual with it. 

For this challenge I decided to go somewhere in the middle – it’s not quite a story and not quite a poem. 

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Image found here.

Never lock your doors at night.

Whatever it is that you wish to protect yourself from is already inside.

Through the day it is dormant, waiting in the shadows for that final tumbler to turn.

It lurks in the darkest alcoves, sharing your personal space, drinking in your air and replacing it with its own putrid breath.

It feeds off of the fears that keep you awake at night, gradually growing in strength. With each teasing lick it hungers for more.

Do not bother turning that key tonight; you’ll only regret it when your fingers fumble frantically as you make your escape.

As you tug at the windows and struggle with that stiff latch, they’ll be right behind you, waiting for your breath to catch.

No matter how urgent you are, they are always faster.

So keep your doors unlocked at night, or be prepared for disaster.

-By Tyler Turner



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