The Gut-Churning Truth About Cannibalism Films

green inferno

‘The Green Inferno’ [Credit: Universal Pictures]

When it comes to standard serial killing or tedious torture we barely bat an eyelid, so what is it about the consumption of human flesh that sends our stomachs churning? Is it to do with the unsettling cases we have all read about in history books, or perhaps the scary psychological implications that drive someone to butcher one of their own? Maybe, we are just fearful that exposure to such a topic might trigger something within ourselves that has been lying dormant all our lives.

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Embracing Not Defacing Children’s Horror

Goosebumps Slappy

‘Goosebumps’ [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

While there are children’s films that attempt to pander to a darkly inclined audience, there are few that fall comfortably under the horror umbrella without defacing the genre. Most dilute it with comedy or dumb down the concepts so much that they become painfully patronizing, yet the scarier elements are arguably more beneficial to a child’s mental development. So, isn’t it about time that children’s films spook things up and embrace their audience of creepy kids?

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The Monstrous Mundane


‘Oculus’ [Credit: Relativity Media]

Horror movies are famous for scaring audiences using an array of fictional monsters, but some are clever enough to take it that one step further and mold the mundane into something truly nightmarish. Whether it’s inanimate objects, natural bodily functions, or even our own family members, the mundane is made all the more horrifying by its inescapable nature. These are the things that lurk in the everyday and, unlike many horror villains, they are all too real.

In this Movie Pilot piece I list seven examples of movies that monsterized the mundane. What is the most ordinary thing a horror movie has made you fearful of?

The Ingredients For Good Horror

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’ [Credit: IFC Midnight]

The key to uncovering what it is that makes a perfect horror film is to perform an autopsy on our own psyche; exploiting our primal instincts, dissecting the very foundations of human fear and finding new ways to project them further.

In this Movie Pilot piece I argue that the ingredients for good horror can be found through self-dissection. Have a read and see if you agree.

Social Media in Horror

smiley 2012

Smiley (2012) – Fever Productions LLC/MIJ Productions

“While horror films about social media often have the capacity to make our skeletons spring from our skins within the confines of their running time, they very rarely have a lasting effect on viewers that keeps them awake at night.”

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